Skyvekraft Software

Skyvekraft develops its own software solutions, which can be found within two main areas:

  • Solutions built on LogIQflow, our technology platform for digitization of collaborative processes.
  • Enhancements, and new modules to Microsoft business applications (Dynamics 365 / Dataverse)

Our software is designed for the cloud, whether they are part of Skyvekraft’s own cloud-based software services (SaaS) or are modules/additions to Microsoft’s standard offerings.

Microsoft Azure is an important platform for our solutions and deliveries; LogIQflow and solutions built on it are developed and are running in Azure. This is comparable to the role of Azure in relation to Microsoft’s own application services.

Solutions built with LogIQflow

Technology platform for digitization of collaboration processes

LogIQflow connects people, processes, tasks and IT-systems. It is a powerful, flexible, scalable and secure technology platform, where there are already available solutions such as Collaboration Control and Task Control. LogIQflow can be expanded and configured to cover new application areas, and can be integrated with new IT-systems, whether they are internal solutions or general cloud platforms. Solutions built with LogIQflow are lightning fast, since designed process flows are automatically converted to executable machine code that runs directly in Azure.

Collaboration arenas get a business context - and all types of business systems can be integrated with modern collaboration tools

Collaboration Control makes it possible to create associated collaboration arenas directly from the company's business systems. The collaboration arenas get a business context. This provides support for access / rights automation, template support, dynamically updated directories and lifecycle management. All kinds of business systems and associated business processes can be supported with collaboration arenas from all the leading providers of collaboration solutions (Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, BOX, Workplace from Facebook, Slack, Dropbox and Google Drive). Other systems can be easily supported by configuring new connectors.

Task management across IT-systems

Task Control enables all types of IT systems to create tasks and receive feedback on their progress. Task Control can easily configure support for various business processes, which can include both human tasks and actions in other IT- systems. Users can see all tasks in one place.

Integrated collaboration arenas in Dynamics 365

Collaboration Control for Dynamics 365 is designed for companies that already have Dynamics 365 Sales and want to support their sales and customer processes with integrated collaboration arenas. Collaboration Control for Dynamics 365 means fast and affordable delivery of a standardized solution that can be adapted to your organization's needs. With Collaboration Control for Dynamics 365 it is possible to create connected collaboration arenas directly from Dynamics 365 records.

Extending Dynamics 365 / Dataverse

Easy tagging and grouping of business data

Thrusted Tags makes it easy and user-friendly to tag data in Dynamics 365 and Dataverse for segmentation and grouping purposes. Here, the built-in Connections technology in Dynamics 365 and Dataverse is leveraged, but adds a powerful and user-friendly user interface. Thrusted Tags is free, and the source code, as well as ready-to-install solutions are available on GitHub.

Flexible, powerful and modern time tracking

tmeREG makes it easy to keep track of hours and get the necessary management and billing information. Since tmeREG is created in Dataverse / Dynamics 365, it is easy to connect the time registration with other business processes and business data. In addition to leveraging the great standard mechanisms found in the powerful Dataverse / Dynamics 365 platform, Skyvekraft has developed controls and extensions to make time tracking even easier and faster.