Skyvekraft’s project deliveries and consulting services are centered around Microsoft business applications and collaboration solutions; Dynamics 365 / Dataverse / Power Platform, Power BI, Teams and SharePoint. Azure is the main platform for our development and integration services.

These are focus areas for Skyvekraft, and we have employees with extensive experience and high competence on these technology platforms. We continuously invest in competence development in these core technologies, in the form of certifications, internal competence sharing from customer projects, or the development of “proof-of-concepts” and “internal play” with new technology.

New employees are required to pass Microsoft’s tests and be certified on the technologies they will be working with. They undergo training that results in Microsoft certifications, but also gain practical experience through participation in internal projects, supplemented by agreed training roles in customer projects where relevant.

Skyvekraft’s employees have of course also experience and expertise in many other technology areas. For us, being able to see both the big picture, and at the same time understand the fine details is a strength and a requirement. 

While we have a strong focus on Microsoft technology, we always put our customers at the center: If we believe that the customer’s business needs are better served by other solutions, we will be completely open about this: We believe in long-term business relationships, built on trust and respect.  


Development and Implementation

We can assist in all phases of the development of new or improved IT-solutions. We have experienced advisors, developers and consultants who together cover all the necessary disciplines. We can undertake both standalone projects, deliveries as part of a complete IT solution or ongoing assistance agreements.

Since Skyvekraft itself develops commercial software, we not only have strong technical developer competence, we have established methods, tools and processes for good lifecycle management and deployment of code and functionality.

Advisory Services - support for IT and management

We can assist as an advisor and sparring partner for the company's IT and business management in technology, licensing and process issues. We can assist with operational tasks related to suppliers and change processes. This may involve project- and sub-project management, evaluation and quality assurance of deliveries from suppliers (code review, assessment related to best practices, assessment of proposed solutions, requirements, specification etc).

Knowledge transfer

We are happy to assist in enabling our customers to manage and develop their applications. We can do more than just develop a basic solution, we can simultaneously engage in knowledge transfer to the customer's own personnel, so that they are able to make the most of ongoing further development and application management. In such cases, we can assist with capacity and expertise in areas that our customers do not possess themselves.

Application Management

We can assist with application management services related to solutions in these technology platforms. This can be in the form of monitoring capacity, usage and performance, assistance for ongoing changes and development as well as help and support.